How to start using the app

The app starts off in the explore mode where your virtual fighter would start by shaking hands. The next move is up to you. This mode is a nice if you don't really know where you want to go and just want to explore position as if you were sparing on the mat. If you like the move, you could replay the technique in different angles. You could also get further details by cliicking into the details tab.

Searching for techniques

To open up the search panel, click on the search glass icon at the top of the page. The techniques are categorised into positions, submissions, take downs, entries, sweeps and guard passes. You could also type text into the search box to find the technique you are looking for.

Navigating the animation

The left most tab is the animation tab. This would present a tool bar with the buttons below.

At the bottom of the toolbar there is a list of options for the next move which you could click.

Camera Options

The second tab is the camera options tab. Below are the options available:

Details tab

The third tab is the details tab. This provides a list of details regarding the current move. There is also audio explaination where mute can be toggled by clicking on the sound button at the top of the app.


Access themes by clicking on the menu at the top left of the app, then select Theme.

Purely cosmetic, but user can choose the model mesh for the fighers as well as their colours. The background can be a colour or a choice of skybox textures. Other effect can also be applied such as reflection and shadow.